Plasma technology

Our patented technology relies on plasmas to efficiently hold pollutants.


What is a plasma?

Plasma is a ionized inoffensive gas. It is one of the states of matter, along with solid, liquid and gas. It gives specific chemical properties to the environment it envelops.

More than 99% of Universe is made of plasma: the Sun, the stars, the Nebulae, are made of plasma.
On Earth, plasma is not very stable, so it cannot be easily found. The two main occurrences are the lightnings and the Aurora borealis.

The plasma generated by Air Serenity is “cold”, which means generated in atmospheric conditions. It is created by high frequency electric alternative current, which generates positive and negative ions. These ions will spread on many centimeters and will oxydize the pollutants (VOC -e.g. formaldehyde or benzene-, NOx, …) and dismantle the walls of virus and bacteria.

How do we capture pollutants?

Our technology pushes air flow in a cartridge and filters the pollutants step by step.

The first step consists of filtering the particulate matter and other allergens such as cat hair, thanks to a HEPA filter. This step is classical, and it works well.

The second step uses a blend of adsorbents (molecular sieves) to grasp all targeted pollutants onto their surface. We use 8 different adsorbents that were strictly selected, to hold a wide range of pollutants.

Then a cold plasma flashes the adsorbents, in order to break up pollutants and compact the remaining elements in a cartridge. This unique technology avoids rejection, even in the case of wet or hot weather, and makes our filtering efficiency up to 50 times better than competitive technologies: the plasma enhances the capacity to “oxydize” the molecules, and cleans the cartridge, so that it remains as efficienty as new during months!

Moreover, the plasma will blast the walls of viruses and bacteria, thus reduce the risk of their propagation. Such technology has been used in hospitals for years.

This ensures that no toxic particles are emitted by our process. Our system is ozone-free because the plasma generation process is well mastered. It is a key competence from our father-lab, in Ecole Polytechnique. Anyway, our molecular sieves trap ozone, so if we were to generate some molecules, they would be directly transformed into oxygen.

Ease of maintenance: one cartridge makes it all!

The cartridge efficiently captures pollutants, and reduces maintenance of the product: it has to be replaced typically every 12 months, and replacement cost is low. The mobile application enables you to see when the cartridge will saturate.

It is consequently easy and cheap to keep our products at their optimal level of performance.


Our equipment is designed to reduce its environmental impact.

Fitted with smart sensors, it automatically detects the pollution level in your air and adapts the ventilation rate accordingly.

It must be plugged in to a DC power outlet, but it only requires between 0 and 30 W depending on its speed.