Air Serenity mindset and values: air quality for a sustainable well-being

Air quality for a sustainable well-being

Air Serenity is an R & D company focusing on Air Quality through the destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and particulate matter (e.g. smoke, animal hairs).

Who are we?

Air Serenity has been founded by Joseph Youssef, after a PhD completed in the Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas at Ecole Polytechnique. The theme he addressed was about Air Quality in personal cars. The results were patented and enabled Joseph Youssef to further develop the Aurora technology.

Two technologies are combined in Aurora: highly specialized materials and cold plasma. Their combination enables the destruction of both chemical and biological pollutants. This unique, scientifically proven, and patented process destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other chemical pollutants. By mastering this process, Air Serenity endeavors to offer products with a tremendous positive impact on the quality of life of allergies or asthma sufferers.

The company is now directed by Joseph Youssef, Président, and Matthieu Coutière, CEO. Both are passionate about three topics: well-being, innovation and sustainability. With this mindset, the company develops a range of high efficiency environmental solutions.

Our Commitments

Our values and commitment are reflected in the adoption and implementation of rules of ethics.

  • Respect for the environment : Air Serenity attaches immense respect to the environment. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. The values of sustainable development have been translated in the eco-design of our products and in a sustainable manufacturing process. Nearly 100% of the equipment we produce can be recycled. We constantly thrive for reducing their energy consumption, so as to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Respect for employees: in a healthy and secure working environment, we do our best to ensure health and safety to our employees. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • Compliance with applicable international, national and local laws.
  • Fair commercial relationships: relationships with our customers, suppliers and competitors are based on fairness and honesty. Respect for confidentiality is at the core of these relationships.
  • Preservation of assets: Our assets are only used for activities directly related to Air Serenity. They are used with respect and all forms of waste are avoided wherever possible.