We all deserve clean air!

How do pollutants impact us?

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There are numerous mid-term impacts of pollutions: cardio-vascular attacks, asthma and allergies, pneumonia, lung cancers, … These impact depend on both the duration and intensity of exposure to pollutants.
The WHO, but also national bodies, recommend a maximum exposure depending on the molecules.

The short-term impacts are also noticeable: lower quality of sleep, lower ability to concentrate and to learn, …
Pollutants trigger asthma crisis and favor catching diseases (like flu).

It is consequently paramount to breathe clean air during the night: the body rests more, and starts the next day with renewed natural protections.

How to breathe better air?

The best solution is to bring fresh air from outside: 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Even during peaks of pollution, outdoor air is far saner than indoor air. But few people open the windows frequently enough, because of outside temperature, of noise, of rain, … The second best solution is consequently to filter pollutants. The high efficiency of Air Serenity technology enables to clean air in 30 minutes in a normal room: you should make the purifiers run before going to bed, during the dinner for instance: air should be clean during the night.


Air pollutants have a worse impact on sensible people.

  • Baby
  • Allergy
  • Elderly people
  • Sport
  • Smoke
  • Urban
  • Pets

    Children have developing lungs; they are moving and breathing a lot... so they risk to develop illnesses early in their life.

    Currently, 30% of children have breathing difficulties, against only 10% in the 70s': it has been proven that air pollution is responsible for this degradation.


    Allergy sufferers should keep their lung "at rest" at night, to enable their body to recover from the aggressions of the day and protect itself.

    This is especially important during peaks of polens, of pollution, or of temperature, because the natural defenses are strained.


    Elderly people often have acute respiratory insufficiency, due to a lesser "strength" to breathe. They often feel breathless.

    It is therefore essential to preserve their airways and to avoid any inflammation due to allergens.


    You breathe deeply... To such extent, breathe clean air!

    Doing sport in a polluted air is not recommended: it is good for the muscles but very bad for the respiratory tract. In particular, sports equipment plastics oftne release VOCs.=


    Cigarette releases a large number of VOCs and of particulate matter which attack the lungs, infiltrate tissues, emit strong oders and pollute for a long time.

    By purifiying air, you will capture odors and pollutants at the earliest.


    Pollution is very high up to 500 meters around the main axes of ciculation. Some roads are as polluted as a highway!

    The city residents can therefore not aerate enough, accumulating VOCs and particulate matter ... It is therefore essential to purify the air!


    Pets often trigger allergies and emit odors. For instance, numerous children (and a growing number of adults also) are allergic to cats, but this is sadly true for many animals!

    Air purification is a solution against these inconveniences.