Air Serenity Aurora technology purifies all air pollutants

Aurora technology purifies all air pollutants at first flow

Air pollution is becoming a major concern.

Under this unique term, there are in reality three different types of pollution, with distinct but dramatic impacts on health.

Particulate matter

Particulate matter

They are “microscopic dust“. They are emitted by cars, heating, industries: they come into the house from outside, constantly, with fresh air. So you need to constantly purify air.

The best way to sanitize air from these particles is to trap them in a mechanical filter called HEPA. Without such filter, the Particulate Matter will fly away at first air flow. Of course the filter needs regular replacement, but every particle which ends up in the filter saves your lungs, so this is rather good news!

At Air Serenity, we have selected the HEPA H11 grade of one of the best suppliers of filters.

Chemical pollution, called VOC

Chemical pollutions (VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds)

Specialists state that “Indoor pollution is 8 times more polluted than outdoor”: they refer to VOC pollution.

VOC molecules come from the drying of… everything: cleaning products, glues, solvents, furniture, paintings, scent, candles, cigarette smoke,… Pets, and even cats and dogs, also emit hormones which are air pollutants and trigger allergies.

Hundreds of different molecules fly in air, with their expected effects (such as their smell), but also their negative impacts, either when absorbed alone or when absorbed with complementary molecules. Some have no effect, other trigger cancers, allergies, asthma…

To purify air at home, you need to push air flow through molecular sieves, which will capture a wide range of VOCs, and hold them tightly enough so as not to release them in case of peak of heat or humidity.

Air Serenity has developed such air purification sieves: in 2007, as no technology was satisfactory to capture pollutants, Air Serenity team started to develop a plasma-based prototype, in the heart of Plasma Lab of Ecole Polytechnique, with a new approach: VOCs are trapped in sieves and flashed by a local “aurora borealis” which irrigates the sieves (pretty much like wetting a sponge) and dissolve pollutants into water and CO2 molecules.

This approach boosts the efficiency and makes it 50 times higher!

Air Serenity know-how relies both in the selection of the hyper-efficient sieves blend, and the generation of an ozone-free plasma.

Virus, bacteria, mold

Virus, bacteria, mold, …

These organisms are generally benign, but regularly troublesome (like flu) or sometimes dramatic (H1N1). In many cases, they trigger asthma attacks in susceptible individuals.

Plasma has the ability to destroy the walls of these organisms. This method is used to disinfect surgical instruments.

Air Serenity filter combines three stages of filtration to capture three kinds of pollutions

  1. a HEPA filter to block Particulate Matter;
  2. a blend of 8 COV-sieves, selected and tested among hundreds, to target a very wide spectrum of chemical pollutants ;
  3. a plasma-based filter, which destroys virus and bacteria without ozone: generating ozone-free plasma is one of the core know-how of the Plasma Lab of Ecole Polytechnique, where Joseph Youssef developed the Aurora technology.

Through one unique air pass, Air Serenity technology captures all pollutants with an unprecedented efficiency.

What about other technologies? Why is Air Serenity better?

The other technologies used to purify air are:

  • HEPA filters: it is the most efficient way to capture Particulate Matter. Air Serenity cartridges include an HEPA filter
  • Activated Carbon: they capture temporarily some VOCs, and release them after some weeks… To some extent, Air Serenity Aurora technology is similar to Activated Carbon which would be cleaned regularly to last longer!
  • Photocatalysis: this technology consumes a lot of energy to destroy pollutants, but it releases many secondary molecules, sometimes more harmful that the original pollutants… Air Serenity Aurora technology destroys the pollutants with a chemical reaction (plasma-based) which is faster and more secure.
  • Ionisers: they emit ions, which will stick to Particulate Matter, so that the floor attracts them. But as soon as the PMs are on the floor, the ion gets released and the PM may fly again. So you have to wipe them constantly. Some cartridges of Air Serenity include a ioniser.