Air Serenity Aurora technology targets all air pollutants

Air pollution is becoming a major concern.
Under this unique term, there are in reality three different groups of pollutions, with distinct but dramatic impacts on health.

Particulate matter

Particulate matter

They are "microscopic ashes".
The best way to get rid of them is to hold them in a mechanical filter called HEPA. Of course the filter has to be replaced, but it is every particle which ends up in the filter saves your lung...

At Air Serenity, we have selected one of the best suppliers for the HEPA filter.

Chemical pollutions

Chemical pollutions (VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds)

When specialists state that "Indoor pollution is 8 times worse than outdoor", they talk about VOC pollution.
They are molecules coming from the drying of... everything: cleaning products, glues, solvents, furniture, paintings, scent, candles, ...
There are hunderds of different molecules, with their expected effects, their scent, but also their bad impacts, either when absorbed alone or when absorbed with complementary molecules. To get rid of them, you need to push them through molecular sieves, which will not release pollutants in case of peak of heat or humidity.
In 2007, Air Serenity noticed that no technology was satisfactory to capture pollutants, so the team started to develop a plasma-based prototype, in the heart of Plasma Lab of Ecole Polytechnique, with a new approach: VOCs are trapped in sieves and flashed by a local "aurora borealis" which irrigates the sieves and dissolve pollutants (pretty much like wetting a sponge). This approach boosts the efficiency and makes it 50 times higher!

Air Serenity know-how relies both in the selection of the hyper-efficient sieves blend, and the generation of an ozone-free plasma.

Virus, bacteria, mold

Virus, bacteria, mold, ...

These organisms are generally benign, but regularly troublesome (like flu) or sometimes dramatic (H1N1). In many cases, they trigger asthma attacks in susceptible individuals.

Plasma has the ability to destroy the walls of these organisms. This method is used to disinfect surgical instruments.

Air Serenity filter combines three stages of filtration to capture three kinds of pollutions

  1. a HEPA filter to block Particulate Matter;
  2. a blend of 8 COV-sieves, selected and tested among hundreds, to target a very wide spectrum of chemical pollutants ;
  3. a plasma-based filter, which destroys virus and bacteria without ozone: generating ozone-free plasma is one of the core know-how of the Plasma Lab of Ecole Polytechnique.

Through one unique air pass, Air Serenity technology captures all pollutants with an unprecedented efficiency.