PolytechniqueL’École Polytechnique is a world-class educational and research establishment, conveying a culture of excellence with a strong scientific leaning in the great Humanist tradition.Air Serenity is hosted in the start-up ecosystem X-Technologies, and gets strong synergies with the labs, which fosters inter-domain exchanges and creativity.

Laboratoire de Physique des PlasmasThe Plasma Physics Laboratory is a reseach center. It is formed by Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Observatoire de Paris and CNRS; it works on a wide range of plamas: from space plasmas to fusion plasma, through measurement equipment for space ships. The LPP has developped an expertise for hot or cold plasmas, with experimentation and simulation knowledge.

The Aurora technology of Air Serenity has been developped by Joseph Youssef in the LPP and is a spin-off of the lab.

CNRSThe CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) is French governmental research organization with European span.
AirSerenity has a scientific and technical support provided by CNRS, for instance through lending of technical equipment or human resources.

Zagatub is the startup accelerator driven by Butagaz, with the family well-being as common value.Zagatub is the startup accelerator of Butagaz, with the family well-being as core value.

Zagatub differentiates from other accelerators through two factors:

  • it’s a toolset, not only focusing on financing
  • it’s an on-line platform enabling startups to get direct access to consumers to imagine a product or service ( or to sell it (

Climate-KIC drives innovation in climate actions through creative partnerships between business, academia and public entitiesClimate-KIC works against climate change and global warming, and works for adaptation to them, thanks to creation of new activities.Climate-KIC has set-up the « Knowledge and Innovation Community » thriving to accelerate and stimulate innovation to transofrm our global economy while facing climate change.

To accelerate innovation process in this field, KIC Climat puts in place:
– Reseach and Innovation programs
– Teaching and training programs (Summer schools, entreprenership)
– Innovation support (financing, …)
– A strategic platform to establish a roadmap

Cap’tronicCAP’TRONIC programs facilitate innovation and competitiveness of SMEs in the electronic field.

Funded by CEA and OSEO, the association JESSICA FRANCE is mostly financed by the French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry.

IncuballianceIncubAlliance is the Paris region technological incubator. It supports companies with high growth potential.
IncubAlliance leverages the experience of a team of entrepreneurs and specialists of startup-coaching.

AirSerenity has been supported by IncubAlliance to ensure its smooth start and development.

Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'EnergieL’Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie is the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, a major agency for the Environment in France.
ADEME takes part in public decisions acound environment, energy and sustainable development.

ADEME is a public entity with industrial and commercial goals, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, and Energy and the Ministry of Research and Universities.

In order to better know the environment impacts resulting of a product or a process, it is necessary to run quantification studies, based on scientifical knowledge. When such impacts are known, actions can be taken to reduce them, whilst avoiding to postpone pollution to a later stage of the product lifecycle.

ADEME has co-financed our first product: the autonomous Air Purifier.

Scientipole supports start-ups around Paris

Scientipôle Initiative supports start-ups along their scientific and technological, as well as managerial growth, thanks to human and financial means.
AirSerenity has been nominated member of Scientipôle Initiative in 2012.

Réseau EntreprendreRéseau Entreprendre is an association of 9000 CEOs who support pro bono 500 new entrepreneurs each year.

The key know-how of Réseau Entreprendre is a coaching role by CEOs for CEOs, specifically useful for startups. This support is also provided through a financial lend.

Air Serenity is member of Réseau Entreprendre Sud Ile de France.

le lieu du design est un espace d’accueil et d’échanges entre les Industriels et les Designers

Lieu Du Design is a place where industrial actors and design actors can meet and exchange.

Students, scientists, indsutrial players, designers, consumes can meet there.

Lieu Du Design federates and organizes numerous resources through a direct access, with two major development strategies: industrial design and eco-design.

AirSerenity is a member of Lieu Du Design.